New Premium CBD Flowers

Brothers Jesjua and Luca Angoy Cruyff are promoting the new LION 1 brand with the goal of creating the highest quality CBD products for those who demand premium experiences. With a vision focused on innovation and product safety, LION 1 has enlisted the help of an international team of engineers, geneticists, master growers, scientists, researchers, lawyers, and consultants to provide better solutions to the Premium CBD industry.

From this philosophy was born his first project, the new ESENCE-BALANCE-INTENSE line from LION 1. An excellent selection of three premium CBD varietes. The sensory concept “Feel the essence, balance and intensity”, gradually introduces these three new genetics, created one for each moment.

LION 1 is the new Premium CBD Flower par Excellence

The experience is memorable. Opening the hermetic seal of the can, the nuances of each variety can be appreciated on the nose: from the soft, sweet touches of ESSENCE, to the earthy notes of BALANCE, to the citrus and ripe grape nuances that The INTENSE variety emerges.


What do you ask of a Premium CBD Flower?

Mainly freshness, fragrance and flavor. LION 1 is not lacking, offering an excellent product, with a neat, well-presented proposal. What makes LION 1 unique is its commitment to quality and its processes. The traceability assured in each flower, its organic production indoors, in the hands of expert masters.

Harvested at its best, the drying and curing times on LION 1 have been cherished to the last. Each flower has been hand weighed and packed in food cans under controlled atmosphere with nitrogen technology to preserve its freshness and its original terpenes for 18 months.

On the quality control side, LION 1 offers guaranteed maximum legal THC levels supported by laboratory testing of cannabinoids. Terpene profile analyses are amazing, in short, the highest levels of quality are maintained throughout the process.
LION 1 has already started marketing its new ESSENCE-BALANCE-INTENSE range on the French market and will do so very soon in several European countries.

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